ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Makeup That’s Au Naturale

Older ideas of “beauty” include heavy makeup and over-done hairdos. Lucky for us, this belief has gone out the window and those considered beautiful no longer require copious amounts of hairspray and a chisel to remove their makeup. Rather, Fashionistas now leave their houses wearing barely any at all and their locks naturally flowing. Some may argue that this complete 180 is in part due to high fashion models debuting at younger and younger ages while others may attribute this revolution to our generation’s generally laid-back attitude. Whatever the reason, though, Fashionistas everywhere are embracing this au naturale trend full-force and so it comes at no surprise that GWU’s many Fashionistas can be spotted meandering through campus sporting very little makeup.

This Fashionista truly epitomizes the minimal makeup component of this au naturale trend, as her skin appears truly flawless and glowing. Her application of very little makeup enables the focus to be on her outfit and not on her face and had she applied a bold cat eye or a bright lip, her look would have appeared far too done up. And, could you blame her for wanting to stand out in her fabulous, daytime grunge look? She has transformed her LBD into a super-chic frock by pairing it with patterned tights, strappy wedges, a charcoal-colored leather jacket, a bold red beanie and lightly colored sunnies.

As this Fashionista demonstrates, the key to the makeup portion of the au naturale look is to make your skin seem, well, perfect. Fear not, Fashionistas — this task is not nearly as daunting as it may seem! In fact, your entire makeup application takes less than two minutes: perfect for the Fashionista on the go. To successfully achieve this look, I recommend applying a BB cream before heading out the door. BB creams are amazing because they are like tinted moisturizers (my prior go-to) but better: they pack in skin-bettering qualities including UV ray protection via SPF and anti-aging antioxidants. In addition to these skin-perfecting traits, BB creams also conceal just about any imperfection without clogging your pores or weighing you down, leaving you looking dewy and radiant. After applying the BB cream, simply paint your lashes with some lengthening and defining mascara to complete your look. How easy is that?

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