ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Milkmaid Braid

Everyone knows a hair do can totally alter your look.  A classic updo can make you look older and wavy tresses can turn you into the easy-going hippie you always wished you could be.  When I ran into this artsy Fashionista, she was drawing a flyer inside a local vintage boutique.  Her outfit was completely vintage in a 60's inspired patterned button down shirt and little brown booties with fun socks peaking out the top.  Her look was eclectic and cool but it was of course her hair that perfectly finished off the entire ensemble.

I could just picture her looking in the mirror that morning wondering what to do with her naturally sun kissed brown locks.  Her final decision was to put her hair into two childlike braids, but she didn't stop there.  The fashionista completed the look by wrapping the braids around her head to create the classic milkmaid do.  Pinning up her braids kept the long pieces out of her face while she carefully worked on her flyers.  However this Fashionista’s choice to let her pixie-length bangs hang free added a modern twist to the look.

The blogosphere has recently exploded with tutorials demonstrating how to pull off this adorable braided do and we have seen it on everyone from Princess Leia to Sienna Miller and the Olsen twins.  If you are looking for a way to add some funk to your outfit while getting your hair up and out of your face this is the quick and easy do for you.

Expert tip from Cassie: The milkmaid hairstyle looks great even when you add texture to the hair before you put the braids in to create a less perfect do. Sienna MIller makes this hairstyle look sheik and effortless. Prepare dry hair by spraying some dry shampoo at the root of your hair to give it some texture. Next, part your hair into two even sections and fasten each section behind the ear with a clear hair tie. Then, loosely braid each section, fastening the ends of the braid with another clear hair tie. Take one braid and bring it over to the other side and secure the braid with a bobby pin. Do the same with the second braid, making sure that you hide the ends of each braid. To give this style a more Bohemian feel, take out some pieces in the front and finish off by spraying with hairspray. If you have short hair and still want to create this look, fake it by buying a braided headband that matches your hair color!

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