I first spotted this Fashionista at a local coffee shop, andI must admit that I was in major need of caffeine and not fully alert. The first thing I noticed about her was her long dark hair and the fun boots she had thrown on to keep her warm on the brisk fall day. It wasn’t until she reached to grab her coffee that I caught a glimpse of the best part of her look.

I had heard about the newspaper nail trend on Pinterest but I had never tried it and didn’t even know how to go about attempting it. This Fashionista, on the other hand, was a seasoned pro.She told me she had been wearing the newspaper trend on her nails for a while and thankfully, she informed me it wasn’t even difficult to recreate.

First, simply paint your nails in a neutral color to assure the print will show up clearly.  She told me it was important to let your nails dry completely before moving on to the next step. Next, cut out small pieces of print from any newspaper you have lying around. Then you dip your nails in — wait for it — VODKA (an excuse for a few manicure cocktails maybe?) and apply the small pieces of newspaper to each nail, applying pressure for about 30 seconds. The process is basically like applying a temporary tattoo, but to your nails — how fun!

Now I have to admit, after meeting this Fashionista I went straight home to attempt this beauty phenomenon, and after my second try (it is important to apply pressure when transferring the print to your nails) I was totally OBSESSED!  I think it is safe to say the newspaper nail trend is one the hottest to hit the beauty world yet, and with Fashionistas around the world obsessed with decorative nails you're sure to stand out in the crowd with these newsworthy phalanges.


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