ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Neon for your Nails

It’s official: neon is in, yet again, for spring. As such, it may come at no surprise that, in true GWU fashion, neon colors have started to flood Foggy Bottom. From clothing to accessories and beauty, everything stylish seems to be growing brighter and brighter. Arguably one of the easiest ways to incorporate neon into your look is by painting your nails a bright hue and I, personally, have spotted countless Fashionistas meandering through campus having done just that.

As Marie Claire illustrates, though, following this trend can be fairly tricky and requires some levels of self-control. To that end, I admittedly have fallen victim to the neon craze more than once and have realized all too quickly that, after lacquering up my nails and sporting a colorful sweater and a bright red lip, I resemble something of a bad 1980s disco chick. So, then, what’s the key to successfully incorporating neon nails into your look? Keep it simple. Easy enough.

This Fashionista epitomizes this exact fact. To complement her sparkling orange nails, she wears a pair of American Apparel leggings, a loose and flowing button-down, a grey cardigan and camel colored moccasins. To top off her look, she has pulled her hair up into a high, ballerina bun and has utilized minimal makeup. Had she opted to try a bright lip or a plethora of neon accessories, her nails would not pop as much as they do and her look would have appeared far too overdone. This Fashionista’s overall ensemble is hip and modern and she has successfully placed an exciting emphasis on her glowing nails.

I can’t sufficiently emphasize how imperative it is to exercise some moderation when trying this trend. That being said, though, the need for minimalistic accents should not hinder your drive to experiment: paired with a nude lip and a simple outfit, neon nails are sure to please. Unsure of where to look for the perfect neon nail polish? I recommend trying essie’s Navigate Her spring 2012 collection. Featuring a bright orange, a bright pink and a bold blood orange, this collection is definitely one of essie’s best yet.

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