I know that most of my “All About Beauty” columns have centered on the looks and regiments of Fashionistas. However, when I came across these well-groomed Fashionistos, I thought to myself, “These are some dapper dudes.”

I love the haircut and style of the Fashionisto on the left. It’s very “Mad Men” meets Parisian model, which is one heck of a combo in my book. Fashionistos, having well-styled hair is the corner stone of any great look. Having a short and vintage inspired haircut is actually quite versatile. A sharp hairstyle like this looks equally smashing when you are wearing a suit to an interview or hanging out with your bros on the weekend, like this Fashionisto.

Is your hair out of control and in need of some TLC? Head to your local barbershop with a pic of this Fashionisto in hand for a hot shave and an even hotter new look.

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