ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Spring Time Color

Whenever spring arrives, my wardrobe instantly goes from wah to wow with pops of bright color. And while I have been incorporating color into my warm weather wardrobe for some time now, lately I have been thinking- why not adding a punch of color to my hair?

This Fashionista illustrates two great ways to add some springtime hues to your hair-drobe. Clip-in colored extensions are a great way to be on trend without all the commitment. Try sporting some in your ponytail or follow in the footsteps on this Fashionista by incorporating them into a braid. Color hair still too intimidating for you? Try a pop of color in a fabulous hair accessory, like this Fashionista's pom pom.

When updating your wardrobe this spring, don't stop at your clothes. Bring springtime into your hair by infusing some color into it.

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