ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Carrie Bradshaw Chic

Even though Sex and the City hasn't had new episodes since 2004, eight years later the show's style seems extremely relevant. How many have you peered into your closet and wondered WWCD (What Would Carrie Do)? I know I am still loving my very own name plate necklace.

When watching re-runs of this classic show, I still lust after Carrie's hair. She seems to have perfected the root to color ratio in such a way I always thought was impossible to replicate. After seeing this Fashionista, I was proven wrong. Immediately when I saw her gorgeous locks with her deep roots I thought she was the living reincarnation of Miss Bradshaw herself. This is also great inspiration for those of us who have been rocking ombre hair all winter long. For summer, try taking your roots up a little bit and letting your lighter color dominate. Her blonde is also a versatile shade that would compliment a wide range of skin tones.

Looking to update your look for summer? Take a picture of  this Fashionista to your local salon stat to be the star of your own show: Sex and the Campus.



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