When it comes to beauty, Fashionistas have a lot of ways to express themselves. Makeup. Hair color. Hair style. Fashionistos, on the other hand, are more limited in the “beauty” routine department.

Tattoos, however, are one way Fashionistos have found to express themselves. This Fashionisto's tattoo sleeves are colorful and depict images that hold meaning to him. Tattoos are very personal and it is always interesting what one choses to ink on themselves for life. Whenever I spot a friend with a tattoo, I love finding out the story behind it. 

While I don't condone everyone going out and getting sleeves of tattoos, I do appreciate the idea of making your skin an extension of your personal style. Chanel even did a line of temporary tattoos in the spring of 2010 that sold out instantly, adding fuel to the concept that tattoos are on trend. Afraid of the needles or somewhat of a commitment-phobe like me? Never fear. Sport a temporary tattoo for the weekend or get your friends together for a henna party and let your tats do all the talking. 

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