All of us have heard how important it is to wear sunscreen. We hear it from our moms, doctors, and your favorite beauty experts. I have recently started incorporating sunscreen into my morning beauty regiment after getting a serious sunburn (and beyond embarrassing tan lines) while hiking over Memorial Day weekend. 

While recovering from my sunburn episode, I came across this Fashionista. Besides her adorably quirky ensemble, what impressed me the most was her gorgeous skin tone. Beautifully pale and sunburn free. This Fashionista illustrates that sunscreen and skin protection shouldn't be saved for the beach or post-overexposure to the sun. Every morning, after I wash my face, use toner, and apply my multivitamin serum, I use Kate Somerville's SPF 50 sunscreen that is the definition of lightweight. Because it is a serum rather than a lotion, it literally melts into your skin and doesn't leave you feeling sticky. To the rest of my body, I apply either a spray sunscreen (if it is humid out) or a lightweight body lotion with at least SPF 30. This whole process takes about 1.2 minutes and saves you a world of pain (and bottles of aloe).

Take time to care for your skin and protect yourself from the sun. You will thank yourself later when you are sunburn- and wrinkle- free.

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