Short shorts, mini skirts, even the dreaded swimsuit. Summer is the time where you bare it all- especially your legs. With all this exposure, it is important to have soft, shiny skin, like this Fashionista.

I must admit, until about a year ago, I hated body lotion. As a person suffering from oily skin, I thought putting on lotion would make me an oil slick. However, when my legs started to look cracked and dry, I said no more and adopted a body regiment to keep my gams hydrated. Each morning, I use a Moroccan Argan body oil which locks in moisture. I like using oils during the day because they melt into your skin and prevent you from feeling weighed down or sticky. Then at night, I use an overnight moisturizing treatment that works magic as I sleep. Besides my daily regiment, I also use an intensive body exfoliant twice a week to get rid of any dry skin. Making these changes in my beauty regiment have my legs feeling soft like butter. 

These simple steps make a world of difference and may even get you noticed by strangers on the street, like this Fashionista.

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