Most Fashionistas strive for long, luscious locks. They crave the beach locks and model waves that everyone and their sister seems to be rocking. And as I member of the “long hair club,” I understand of the feeling. Long hair seems to be epitome of femininity.

But some of the most iconic Fashionistas have sported a pixie cut. Twiggy revolutionized the modeling industry in the '60s when sporting big lashes and short hair. Celebrity “it” girls Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams make short hair seem oh-so-cool. Seeing all these standout Fashionista rocking short hair, it makes the concept of going short tempting.

This CollegeFashionista definitely gave me more confidence when considering to chop off my locks. Her pixie cut is highlighted blonde, giving depth to her short locks. Her shorter do allows for this Fashionista's beauty to shine. There is no hiding behind long locks and feeling weighed down by an unruly style. Clean and simple.

And for those of you who think that short hair is boring, take note. This Fashionista added interest to her locks by incorporating a cute headband. Try wearing a headband or cute hat to show off your shorter tresses.

Next time you are thinking of changing up your look, dare to go bare. Try shorter locks for a look that is pixie perfect.

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