ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Fabré (Fall Ombre)

For seasons now Fashionistas have been rocking ombré hair. I first remember seeing the ombré style on SJP back in the Sex in the City days and gawking at the fabulousness of her dramatic roots. Since then the gradient color hairstyle has been a favorite among trendsetters, celebrities and even the CollegeFashionista.

Yours truly rocks the dark to the light look as well. I love how my roots are suddenly “fashionable”— saving me a lot of time and money at the salon. But with fall weather starting to set in, my bleach blonde tips seem rather inappropriate for the season.

So how does one properly rock ombré hair into fall? This Fashionista nailed the “fabré” (fall ombré). There are several keys to pulling off the look. First, make sure you start with a dark base. For the cooler weather, I think anywhere from a chocolate brown to stark black works best. Then, instead of starting the ombré up by your ears, allow the darker hue to drag down longer past your chin. This allows for your less-than-tan fall complexion not to be washed out by the light hair color. To finish off the look, bleach your tips a lighter shade of brown. A nice caramel, like this Fashionista, is a great alternative to the bleach blonde we have been rocking all summer.

Just because the weather is cooling off, doesn’t mean your hairstyle has to suffer. Take your look into fall by taking your ombré darker. Your “fabré” will definitely be fabulous!

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