For a while now, gold has dominated the fashion scene. From bangles to rings, gold has forever been number one. But recently I have been drawn to copper, especially for fall. The warm gold-red color is gorgeous for accessories, shoes and even, as this Fashionista illustrates, hair.

This Fashionista’s copper highlights are a great way to brighten up your hair for fall. Bleach blonde highlights are not only inappropriate for the cooler weather; but with pale skin, the light locks can really wash you out. By opting for copper highlights, it brings warmth to your hair and is a gorgeous contrast to a paler complexion.

The copper color adds dimension to your hair. While you are sitting in class or out at night, the highlights might not be super visible. But when you head out in the sun or while trekking across campus, like this Fashionista, your hair shimmers like a lucky penny.

Like with any hair color, maintenance is key. Make sure to keep your hair moisturized and use proper products so your hair doesn’t turn brassy or orange.

This fall, switch out your gold blonde highlights for something a little bolder. Try copper coated highlights for a bright, beautiful look.

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