Like many girls covet a designer bag or a must-have pair of shoes, I covet a different accessory: thick eyebrows. As a girl who suffers from genetically thin eyebrows, when I see bushy, strong brows strut down the runway, I get a ping of jealousy.

I spotted this Fashionista mid construction zone, even the orange cones could not distract me from her attention-commanding brows. They are full and well groomed. For those of you lucky to have enough gorgeous brows, note that this gift comes with some responsibility. Getting regular eyebrow waxes is key. Given that no two people’s brows are the same, make sure you ask your esthetician to groom yours in proportion to face and eye shape.

For those of you like me with thin, wimpy brows—never fear. There is hope for us just yet. I have recently discovered the power of castor oil, which is a miracle product for hair growth and thinning hair. Every night after I wash and dry my face, I apply castor oil to my eyebrows with a Q-tip. While it has only been a few weeks now, I can already notice results!

While I am waiting for my full beauties to sprout, I am faking it. I use an angled brush and powder to make my brows appear darker and thicker. I then use a brush and a little wax to set them into place. This makeup set from Smashbox has both components of my eyebrow regiment so it is convenient, compact and easy to travel with.

If eyes are the window to the soul, then eyebrows are the all important picture frame.  Take time to focus on your eyebrows to frame your natural beauty.

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