ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Cold Air Skincare

When making a list of fall or winter essentials, there are few items that are on every list: an oversized scarf, a chic beanie and leather gloves. But sunscreen usually is nowhere to be seen. Most people think that sunscreen and skin protection is only reserved for those months where temperatures sore into the 80s. Not true, Fashionistas.

As this Fashionista illustrates, having gorgeous, porcelain skin requires year round protection. Start your morning off with a gentle face cleanser so as not to strip your face and retain moisture in your skin. If you are like me and use toners and astringents daily, modify your routine in the cooler months. Try using them more sparingly so you don’t dry out your skin.

The next key is finding a great face moisturizer that contains SPF. The sun’s harmful UVA rays are just as strong and damaging during the winter months. When the snow begins to fall and accumulate, the sunrays reflect off the snow and that is where an aggressive sunscreen comes is necessary. My personal go-to these days is Josie Maran’s. If you are outdoors a lot, SPF needs to be reapplied during the day. You can also eat your way to sun protection. Fruits and vegies are full of antioxidants and help fight off free radicals and sun damage.

Don’t skip your lips either- there is nothing worse then chapped, flaky lips. Exfoliate your lips every few days with a dry tooth brush then apply a petroleum-infused lip balm with SPF daily.

Taking care of your skin today not only leads to immediate results but also has a lasting impact far into the future. Protect yourself from a future filled with fine lines, dark spots and potential melanoma by sporting SPF this fall and winter.

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