WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting The Parents

The holidays bring together families and friends from all across the country. The holiday season is also the perfect time to introduce those people to that someone special in your life. As if the season wasn't stressful enough, tacking on meeting the parents of your boyfriend or girlfriend takes it to a whole new level.

When meeting the parents of your “man friend” (as I like to call them), it important to balance personal style and conservatism. This Fashionista’s look was spot on in encapsulating both fashion hurdles. A floral dress is a staple and favorite among Fashionistas. Don’t be fooled into thinking this pattern is just for springtime, though. The rich navy, red and green on the pattern take this feminine floral into winter.

The great thing about this dress is the possibilities. By pairing it with a fitted blazer, the look is more polished. Opting for nude flats, the short hemline remains fun and flirty without being seen as too much for meeting the parents.

One Simple Change: When meeting girlfriends for brunch to recap how the meeting went, switch out the blazer and flats with a casual sweater and riding boots for a look perfect for a gossip session!

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