I have been having the internal debate lately: to bang or not to bang? I currently sport side swept bangs, but am tempted to indulge in the full blown, Zooey Deschanel-esq bangs. Many famous beauties have sported bangs. Jane Birkin. Marianne Faithfull. Fleetwood Mac-era Stevie Nicks. Who wouldn't want to join the club?

When I came across this Fashionista, her full and blunt bangs further fueled my desire to commit to the look. Maybe it was her round sunglasses, perhaps it was her literally orange hair, but her bangs just seemed to ooze a retro vibe. Her bangs are long enough to literally hang in her eyes that give off a bit of mystique. Finished off with extreme frontal layers, all that's missing from her look is a mic stand and an acoustic guitar.  

There is no time better than college to experiment with you look. Take a pic of one of these fabulous rockers to your local salon and take plunge. Afraid to take the plunge? Try clip on ones for a test run or to switch up your look without the commitment.  

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