ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: un-BULL-ievable Hair

You might be surprised to find out that back in the day, I was really into basketball. And not just any basketball. As a kid growing up in Chicago, I was all about mid-1990's Bulls. Talk about the greats. Michael Jordan! Scottie Pippen! And as a young Fashionista, I was drawn most to Dennis Rodman.

For those of you Fashionistas who don't know who Dennis Rodman is, no need to head to Google. While he was a champion power forward, perhaps it was his physical appearance that out shadowed his skills. Besides his blaring piercings and plethora of tattoos, Rodman was known for his always changing hair color. Green. Purple. Red. My personal favorite was rainbow. When I spotted this Fashionisto, I was instantly transported back to my childhood.

Creating this avant garde beauty look is rather simple. Bleach your hair to get a base. Rinse out the bleach and dry your hair. Then go back through and use semi-perminent hair color in a hue of your choice. Have an important interview coming up and not willing to commit? For a fun weekend look, get a white spray hair color and coat all your hair for a base. Then follow up with a non-permanent hair color spray of your choice. Same result without the commitment.

The ladies will all be sporting pastels this spring. Try surprising your favorite Fashionista with a look that is un-BULL-ievable!

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