Warm weather means a new beauty regime for Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike. The humidity and rising temperature usually means curly hair or sleek ponytails for the ladies. For Fashionistos, it usually means taking a razor to their winter locks.

I'm here to tell you, and this Fashionisto illustrates- don't do it. Warm weather is natures best styling product when used correctly. Humidity makes the hair strands expand, bringing volume to your do. But with volume means frizz and loss of shape. But don't fear Fashionistos- the right products can help you maintain your pristine mane through summer. First try deep conditioning your hair once a week. When you use a deep conditioner, it cancels out the dryness caused by humidity. Another important thing to keep in mind is using an appropriate hair gel which wards off humidity by providing a protective coating to your strands.

Don't shed your winter locks this spring, Fashionistos. Take the time to prep your hair and let the weather work for you!

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