ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Not So Far, Far Away

When I first came across this Fashionista, I probably noticed the same thing you did: is she Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel’s long lost sister? (As I am still convinced they are related). Well if that wasn’t the first thing you noticed, then for sure it was her gorgeous braid.

In the madness the comes with holiday season and finals, this modern day Rapunzel made looking chic not seem to “far, far away” with her side braid. If you are as obsessed with Pinterest as I am, you know there are tons of fun braids out there for you to explore. However, this Fashionista illustrates that the simple braid you learn in the first grade is always a safe bet. To make the look more modern, follow in the good steps of this Fashionista, once you section your hair into thirds, tease each portion. This quick adjustment gives a looser, fuller looking braid. Swipe on some peach lip gloss and a coat of mascara and you are ready to brace the chaos.

The best part about braids? Most of them are rather simple and work perfectly with unwashed hair. Hello finals!

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