A little less than one year ago, Glamour highlighted a red-carpet walking makeup trend: the nude lip. Around this same time, InStyle also published a spread on how to find the perfect nude-colored lipstick for each and every skin tone, stating that nude-toned lips were an up-and-coming beauty trend for the spring. Up until this point, I had really only seen nude lips on runways and on celebrities (such as Kim Kardashian) and this new emphasis on its wear-ability by the average woman instantly intrigued me. Despite this intrigue, however, I still try it right away — before I was going to coat my lips in what I thought must only be concealer, I wanted to make sure that others, too, were just as into this bold lip trend (nude is bold in this case, after all) as I was.

Then in August 2011, popular blog Fashionologie posted a list of eight lip shades that, they believed, every Fashionista should try. While this list contained the expected reds and pinks it, too, included nudes, stating (yet again) that nudes were still all-the-rage for the upcoming fall season. As both an admitted magazine hoarder and obsessive follower of beauty and fashion blogs, I had finally been convinced of the beauty behind the bare-looking lip and immediately wanted to see how well I and other Fashionistas on campus translated this nude lip from runway-only to an everyday, go-to beauty application.

This Fashionista proudly sported the nude lip trend on campus this week. Her nude lipstick had a barely-there appearance, and even though she’s was sporting a full face of makeup, her general application was completely flawless and looks undoubtedly au naturale. Because of her almost unrecognizable makeup application, her complexion and general look made her appear awake and ready for the day, with nearly perfect skin and a gleaming smile.

This Fashionista’s outfit embodies a similarly effortless appearance: her skinny, leather pants, chunky knit sweater, fur vest with leather collar, driving shoes, camel-colored satchel and retro aviator sunnies were undoubtedly easy to put together, yet still give off an exceptionally stylish vibe. It’s quite clear to see that this Fashionista’s general style is laid-back and chic and her use of nude lipstick only further upholds this image.

If you are interested in trying the nude-colored lip trend for the first time, I recommend first experimenting with a satin-sheen lipstick. If this doesn’t have as much drama as you were hoping for, try adding a layer of lip gloss on top of the lipstick for a more shiny appearance. Also, don't forget to line your lips with a lip liner that's in the same shade as the lipstick you plan on wearing. Doing so will secure the lipstick in place and will make sure that your lips don't ghostly blend into your skin.

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