Just look at this Fashionista's hair! Rolled out of bed perfect; it’s natural-looking, low maintenance, has plenty of movement and a great tousled texture and is just so laid back. It is named the “ombre”, a French term for hair that that is characterised by natural roots that are gradually dyed through the lengths to produce lighter ends. It’s an uber chic, low maintenance style that doesn’t require touch ups every month or so.

This style transcends seasons with its versatility. In warmer months a Fashionista can opt for vibrant, lighter, bombshell shades whilst in the colder months, such as the cool Melbourne winter, she can select cooler ash tones for a more seasonably suitable contrast. Exhibiting radical ombre dye styles, the Prada fall/winter 2012 runway revived the ombre in a bold contemporary light. Styling the models with dead straight lengths, bluntly graduating from dark shades of brunette to platinum blonde to compliment the vivid print garments and daring orange-shaded smoky eye makeup.

Replicating this look is fairly simple, it requires applying an ample amount of hair product to slightly dampened hair, selecting divisions of hair of varying length and thickness to wind around your finger and fixed with hair clips or pins. Once the hair is has entirely dried, unclip or unpin using fingers to separate the sections. To maintain these tousled locks, avoid using a comb or brush and be sure to amplify the natural volume of the hair by using your fingers to massage roots.

Investing in products such as texturising cream is fundamental in pulling off this look as it creates a natural healthy shine to lengths and ends whilst adding definition to the body. The key to this working this style is focusing on body, texture and keeping your hair looking simple and natural is the key to achieving this modelesque bedhead look. Just look to hair icons such as Alexa Chung and Erin Wasson for tousled hair inspiration. This style can be teamed with a relaxed ‘just rolled out of bed glam style’ by mixing a casual garment such as layered singlets, over sized shirts or dresses teamed with statement pieces for interest. Embellishing this look with oversized chunky metallic jewelry and boots can also effectively create a model off duty style. This hairstyle is so versatile that it acts as a perfect contrast to more conservative outfits, as our Fashionista perfectly illustrates, to create a contemporary edgy look. She has created depth and volume to lengths by using a two-tone dynamic of sandy blonde hair, teamed perfectly with a soft red lip. However, it is the attitude that is absolute essential to pull of this look. Wear what suits you and makes your feel good, disregarding trends that may not suit. This style is all about being effortlessly chic, rather than appearing as a slave to the latest craze.

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