Ombré has been a trend for some time now. First it was in fashion, like the gorgeous gowns by fashion house Marchesa. Then it was in the hair, made popular by the likes of Drew Barrymore. Now, as this Fashionista illustrates, its all about the ombré manicure.

Nails have always been important to the Fashionista. But it seems like lately, a far-out manicure is taking main stage in an ensemble. What better way to spice up your beauty regime than trying out ombre nails. Some brands, such as THE NEW BLACK, actually sell nail polish sets that come complete with perfectly graduated tones. But those thrifty Fashionistas, making your ombré polish takes a little time, a little chemistry, and a lot of fun. Take your favorite dark shade (my current favorite is “Devil's Advocate” by Essie) and paint your pinky. Then on a piece of plastic wrap, mix some of the dark polish with a hint of white polish. Paint your ring finger with this lighter shade. Continue to add more white polish, paint, and repeat. Voila- the perfect ombré manicure.

Highlight your fabulous nails with a wrist full of bangles and bracelets. This Fashionista's fabulous collection of arm madness are from Jennifer Fisher. The completed look is truly bold, beautiful, and CollegeFashionista approved.

Hint: I snuck this Fashionista's nail polish recipe for those of you looking to imitate it! The lightest color is Essie- Chinchilly; then it goes Sephora by OPI- Metro Chic; then it goes Essie- Hot Coco; then it goes OPI- You Don't Know Jacques; and finally the darkest color is Essie- Smokin' Hot.

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