This Fashionista brings together three mini beauty trends of spring 2012 in her look: an edgy bob, bold brows and '60s inspired cat eyes. 

Her hairstyle is a fusion of the cropped bangs trend and the choppy bob, which was seen on the Emporio Armani runway. Her piecey bangs and layers are a modern spin on Courtney Love circa the golden years of Hole. Not to mention it was rather punk-rock (or gutsy) of this Fashionista to cut her bangs herself. 

Her eyebrows are perfectly manicured and bold just like Audrey Hepburn’s iconic brows. The strong brow was a stand-out beauty trend on the Derek Lam runway. As someone who is borderline obsessed with eyebrows, I believe that threading creates better symmetrical arches than waxing. Pluck stray hairs in between appointments and use eyebrow gel to spruce up the shape and keep them in place. 

I’ve referenced a '90s hairstyle and a '50s brow, but now it is time to discuss the famous '60s mod cat eye. This Fashionista does not skimp on the eyeliner. Her angled cat eyes pay homage to the likes of Liz Taylor,  Amy Winehouse and Adele. Possibly the passing of these two style icons and the incredible rise of the latter has inspired designers like Jonathan Saunders to feature the cat eye on his spring runway. Try liquid eyeliner rather than pencil to achieve precise thick lines similar to that of this Fashionista. 


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