ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Perfectly Pixie

When it's time for a change, it's time for a change. So why not be bravely bold like this pretty and put-together Fashionista and chop your locks to a perfectly prim pixie cut? 1960s style icon, Twiggy, trademarked this signature 'do and celebrities such as, Michelle Williams, Rihanna and Emma Watson, have recently exhibited how so chic and simply sophisticated this cut can be.

One might think that this style would be rather simple and maintenance-free. Think again, Fashionistas. This style requires creativity and new ideas in order to keep things fresh and fun. This Fashionista turns to beauty and fashion glossies in order to gather inspiration to mix up her mane. She's done everything from full bangs to blonde streaks to a head completely full of curls and she's consistently perusing for ways to mix up her pixie cut. Currently, she's choosing to rock a choppy cut with caramel-colored highlights that provides the ideal balance of edge and practicality.    

Experimenting with accessories and makeup are a great way to highlight the simplicity of your cut and show off your savvy style. We would recommend donning a pair of bold, chunky earrings to frame your face such as, these from ModCloth or possibly playing with a smoky eye in order to create an edgy Edie Sedgwick inspired look. Or, you could pay homage to Chanel Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear and go for minimal makeup and  a sleek, slicked back style. This look is clean, feminine and currently a hot trend on the runway. This Fashionista chose to accessorize with a pair of classic tortoise-shell glasses that are the perfect touch to her stylish winter wear. 

This cut is a fantastic way to mix up your current hairstyle, but it's understandable to be a tad weary of jumping right in and chopping it short. Although this Fashionista clearly rocks her 'do, she was even a little nervous to about getting the right type of pixie to perfectly frame her face. Her advice when going short is to find a fab stylist who knows and understands what you exactly want. By learning about your hair, what it needs and how certain cuts simply flatter you more, a skilled stylist you trust is key when going for a significant change — such as a pixie cut.

Expert Tip from Cassie: Karee is so right about the maintenance of this haircut. You want to keep it fresh and clean, so more frequent haircuts might be in order for this new do. I say if you're up for a change try out this haircut. Hair accessories are super fun to play with and look great on a pixie!

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