ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Pink Is The New Blonde

I have experimented with hair color since I have been 14-years-old, when I finally convinced my mom to let me get highlights. Since then, my hair has been platinum blonde, auburn, jet black, and every shade in between. But never have I been as daring as this Fashionista and played around with fun-colored strands.

Katy Perry seems to be the face of faux colored strands. From her electric blue “California Girls” look to her current pale pink do, it takes a bold sense of style and confidence to carry such a look. This Fashionista wears her fuchsia locks well by pairing it with a cherry red leather coat, lace-up boots, and a cheerful smile. If you dare to be different by dying your hair a vibrant color, be sure to be equally unique with your style and attitude.

Not ready to commit to full on fuchsia? Try wearing some clip-on extensions and give this look a test run on a girls night out!

Expert tip from Laurel Pantin (@LaPantin): Never one to shy away from color, my hair has been every shade from neon orange to blue. Most recently, Eva Scrivo painted some watercolor lilac streaks on the tips of my (then) shoulder length, platinum blonde hair. When I wanted to get the same washed-out pastel look at home a few months later, I mixed equal parts of Manic Panic hair dye with a deep conditioner and applied it to my ends. Conditioner will dilute the dye and keep the color from being too saturated, and the effect was a really pretty sherbet color. Try layering a few different colors throughout your locks—get creative and have fun with it! Just make sure your base color is light enough for the dye to show up. To keep the color from fading out, switch to a color-safe sulfate-free shampoo and wash only a few times a week. Also, use lukewarm, not scalding water to rinse your hair. The best thing about this technique is how gentle it is on your hair, so you can re-dye without the risk of too much damage.

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