Biking is a huge part of living in Madison. I feel like I’m always dodging a biker, checking out the different kinds of cute baskets people attach to their bikes, envying bikers’ cool messenger bags or checking out their idiosyncrasies; how long before we all roll up one pant leg and lock a giant chain around our waist just to be like them? I am far too afraid to bike in Madison (I know, I know, I’m a chicken), and I’m very jealous that I don’t get to participate in their super unique and cool style and culture. I feel like I’m missing out on being part of the cool crowd. Sigh.

When I spotted this Fashionista unlocking her retro-looking bike from a rack, I couldn’t help but notice her chic spin on a typical biker’s look. She was dressed in basic pieces like bikers tend to be, but she had an extra rocker vibe that set her apart from the crowd and made her a full blown Fashionista. Denim is huge right now, and this girl knows it. Cut the sleeves off an oversized denim shirt and throw it over an all black ensemble to emulate her look. Go for something slightly different with a distressed denim button-down and a pair of shorts. Instead of brightly colored tennis shoes, like so many bikers adore, wear a pair of strappy, black sandals; studs don’t hurt the rocker cause either.

Bikers are far too cool to mess with fussy hair or makeup. This Fashionista shared with me that she only wears a little eyeliner and mascara. To maintain healthy skin, it’s important to use lots of moisturizer to keep from getting dry and chapped in the wind;Aquaphor always has the best products. Resist the temptation to throw your hair back in a ponytail everyday. Let your locks flow naturally, but twist back your bangs to keep your hair out of your face. Secure your twist with an extra chic barrette.

By breaking down this Fashionista’s look, we can all garner some inspiration to up our biker game, or in my case, fake our way into the culture. Fashion is all about playing the part.