ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Polished Curls

Beautiful curls are not easy to achieve, unless you’re born with them – those lucky girls. When curling your hair it has a tendency to become frizzy or get awkward crimps. Or, even worse, your hair may get flat in just 30 minutes after you spent twice that amount of time curling the locks. However, curls are getting easier, even if just by a little bit.

This weeks CollegeFashionista’s perfectly-curled locks look effortlessly beautiful, with no hints of flatness or frizz. Her curls are more polished and less beachy, which is also a great look. For curls like this, you could use one of three tools: a curling iron, flat iron or hot rollers.

The curling iron is the most obvious choice, but instead of using a traditional iron with a clamp, try a clipless curling wand. These hot tools are rather new products, but give really beautiful curls without the awkward crimps left by the clamp of a traditional curling iron. With this wand, you take a tiny piece of hair and just wrap it around the iron, hold for a few seconds and release. You have to curl really small sections of your hair, so it is time consuming, but the curls are super natural and stay forever. Perfecting the curls takes a little practice and can result in a burn or few, but aren’t we all prepared to suffer for fashion? Don’t worry, the irons usually come with a heat-proof glove to help reduce those burns.

Hot rollers may seem outdated, but they still get the job done and get it done well. Get a set of hot rollers with the rollers in varying sizes, as this will help create a more natural look. Roll your completely dry hair into the curlers, and keep them in until they have cooled off. Spritz with hairspray both before and after you take the rollers out. Using rollers will give you a more voluminous look and your hair will look professionally blown out.

A flat iron may seem like a silly thing to use when curling hair but, when used correctly, it can create truly awesome curls. Begin by taking a small section of your hair (one or two inches), and start at the top of your head, by the roots. With hair clamped into the iron, roll the iron around and around, making sure the hair remains inside until you reach the bottom. These curls may take some practice and you have to move fast in order to avoid any weird clamps, but they stay until you wash them out.

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