ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Pretty, Pretty Pony

Talking about the weather has earned such a negative connotation. How boring, right? The weather is the most creative thing you can think of to talk about? Well, ever since I moved to Boston, weather became one of the most discussed topics on campus but with good reason. Namely, how do you dress for Boston’s well-earned description, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes?” Good thing Fashionistas like a challenge. 

The past few weeks Boston has seen sporadic bouts of misting — real, water park-like mist. It would be enough to decide how to dress, but a huge part of an outfit is how our hair is styled. Instead of opting for the severe, pulled back ponytail, this Fashionista took a new twist on the classic look. It’s the perfect way to keep flyaways at bay while braving the windy, misty, rainy, sunny, freezing and humid alternating patterns throughout the day.

After blow-drying hair or letting it air dry, define your natural part by taking the tip of a comb and, starting at your forehead, slowly pulling the comb back to separate it. After, fasten your hair in a loose, low ponytail at the nape of your neck with a hair tie. Stick your pointer finger in the middle of the pony right above the elastic, creating a hole. Take the tail of the pony, flip it upside down and pull it through the hole above the hair tie. You can pull it tighter for a sleeker look, or leave it loose for an easy, boho style. Try using a fun elastic band to spice it up! Use bobby pins and a touch of hairspray to keep flyaways down. Bring it on Boston, bring it on.

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