Needless to say, we are all filling up our wardrobes with bright colors this summer. On an afternoon at Union Square I became mesmerized by the variety of New Yorkers’ summer palettes.  When I came across this Fashionisto, I loved so much about his effortless style. His washed blue jeans and pale pink shirt are easy-breezy in the color explosion. He looks fresh and neat even after an hour of yoga class. But what’s magical about his look is a touch of purple in his hair. The original dye is accordingly called purple rage, but this fading aftermath actually looks more suitable for a mid-summer afternoon.

The color purple is a tricky one. The result can be a stunning fit, as seen on Katy Perry, or a questionable dye job, like on Kelly Osbourne. On the runway, Thakoon girls got their hair painted blue, purple, pink or orange for the brand’s spring 2012 runway show to achieve an animated cowboy look. An easier way to achieve this fun look is to put streaks of colors in your hair. The best part is you don’t even have to dye it. Hair products like Manic Panic Dye Hard or Streekers Hair Color Shades ensure that you can experiment colors with temporary gels or shades before risking a radical change in hair color.

When highlighting, it’s all about layers and structures. You can easily experiment with multitudes of tones and see which goes with your skin tone and styles. Another thing I love about this Fashionisto is the structure of his hair. The short cut on the side with natural color makes the look cleaner and more focused. Another trend that is still sticking around is the gradient hair. For girls with long tresses, a profound shade of purple mixed with lighter lavender will give you a unique look and definitely pops out even in a huge crowd.

But one thing to keep in mind is that our hair is vulnerable in summer due to oxidization of water and sun. Colors fade faster in summer, so put on antioxidants to keep your hair shiny and healthy!

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