Class is now officially in session across the majority of the country this week and now Fashionistas are looking for new and creative ways to do their hair and makeup for appropriate class attire. One style that's been popping up around campus is the quick, easy, low budget yet super trendy sock bun! 

I instantly noticed how this Fashionista was rocking the end of summer casual look in her cropped top, high-waisted jean shorts and Michael Kors accessories. I also loved how she dared to wear cat-eyed sunglasses, which have been all the rage this summer as well! But the best part of the look was her volumnious sock bun, a new hairstyle that's been catching on fast this fall. The bun is versatile and an easy way to do your hair before that much too early 8 a.m. class. For those who may be interning, it can be done tight and clean, which gives it a dressed up and professional feel. As this Fashionista shows us, it can also be messy and loose for a casual yet trendy look. 

Although actually creating the sock bun isn’t all that complicated it helps to have step-by-step visual instructions, which can be found here. Definitely make sure you spray your bun with a firm-holding, yet pliable hairspray to ensure it lasts all day and tames flyaways; try Redken's Quick Dry 18. Once you've mastered the sock bun you can experiment with numerous ways to embellish it. From headbands to clip in flowers, you can make your bun one of a kind. So when you're getting sick of doing your hair the same way day after day, just put a sock in it!

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Let's be honest: top knots save lives! Okay, well, maybe they don’t save lives, but they have definitely saved me several times when my hair wasn’t cooperating. Top knots, which were recently made famous thanks to fashion bloggers, can be done so many ways. A simple Google search will lead you to several YouTube videos and blogger tutorials on how to master the popular look.

While the hairstyle is perfect for making a bold statement, much like this Fashionista did by pairing her knot with a bold pink lip and colored denim, it is also an easy way to quickly style your hair on the go.

Already considering exiting this post because you know a top knot will never work in your uncooperative hair? Wait just one second!

This Fashionista had also unsuccessfully attempted several variations of the top knot before she came upon this lucky look. Enter the sock bun — the perfect way to cheat a full top knot look. The sock bun has been a famous look lately and allows bloggers and CollegeFashionistas alike to fake the sky-high bun!

To achieve the look, this Fashionista cut an old sock at the toe and rolled it into a donut shape. Then she simply pulled her hair into a high ponytail and slipped the sock around it, forming the hair around the sock to add extra volume to the bun. After securing it with a handful of bobby pins and spritzing it with a little hairspray, this Fashionista was set for an afternoon on the go!

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