ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Rainy Day Radiant

When the weather outside is less than lush, it can be a little difficult to look your loveliest. While the slicked-back wet-looking hairstyle was popular on spring 2012 catwalks, its conversion onto campus casual got somewhat lost in translation. Never fear Fashionistas, luckily there are ways to appear your prettiest even when the skies decide to open up.

Central Pennsylvanian weather is somewhat unpredictable around this time. Some days it is temperate and sunny, and others we're trapped in a snow squall. With the help of gorgeous rainwear and iPhone apps like Swackett, you can always be beautiful regardless of the forecast. This Fashionista managed to look perfectly polished on a particularly slushy day in Happy Valley. While her outwear is lustworthy, the most notable aspect of her ensemble is her radiant skin. She looked absolutely angelic with luminous cheeks, bright eyes and a soft, glossy lip. Just because the weather is groggy, doesn't mean your beauty regimine needs to be. 

Achieving this look is quite simple and rather easily done. All it requires is a good bronzer or highlighter in a chic, peachy tone. Apply the powder or cream from your temples to the apples of your cheeks for a seriously stunning rainy day look. I usually use a dual bronzer and highlighter set for the easiest application. Try Benefit's 10 powder or LORAC's TANtalizer for beautiful results. 

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