ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Right Down The Middle

If you are a Fashionista obsessed with beauty trends in the least bit, you have at least tried — and perhaps, like me, failed — at attempting the oh-so-now middle part. We have seen this look done by Fashionistas of all sorts, like Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung and Lady Gaga, and it complements any style, be it textured and wavy or sleek and straight.

I must admit the look isn’t for everyone. I myself have an extremely stubborn cowlick on the left side of my hairline where my hair naturally parts, making it hard for me to keep a middle part in place. But while I have yet to master the look, I truly adore it on other girls. 

I am a sucker for beach hair, so when I bumped into this Fashionista, I was instantly intrigued by the subtle waves in her mid-length ombré hair. She told me that she too had doubted her ability to conquer the middle part but fell in love when she finally mastered it.

This Fashionista said that switching up her part is a fun way to change up her daily look while adding some volume to her hair. She normally sports the middle part on days when her hair is getting dirty and holds a good curl. However, if you are like me and find your hair falling flat halfway through the day, just try adding a little product like Bumble and bumble texture (un)dressing crème or Garnier Fructis surf hair texture paste.

Much like fashion, trying out new beauty trends can be fun — and sometimes laughable. So next time you’re bored with your tresses, try experimenting with the middle part and see what you get. If it works, you could come out feeling like a whole new Fashionista.

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