Arguably one of the most recognizable hairstyles to ever grace womankind has to be Cleopatra’s bob. Hitting just at or above chin level with blunt bangs, this hairstyle was all the rage in the ‘20s and has resurfaced again in recent years. When Gwyneth Paltrow cut her famous pin-straight long tresses three years ago to collarbone level, the “lob” or “long bob”, became this decade’s modern bob. The lob is not as severe as the bob and luckily every face shape can pull it off. 

I spotted this Fashionista at the bus stop on Commonwealth Avenue, and was instantly drawn to her super sleek and shiny lob. Her hairstyle complements her put together look for a day of classes. Her multi-colored scarf stands out against the monochromatic outfit and adds an element of length next to her short hair. The sleek lob plus the oversized sunglasses is a look that is very reminiscent of Olivia Palermo's street style. Try these sunglasses from ASOS to achieve a similar look. She keeps her hair out of her face and in place by setting a deep side part and pinning the front strands to the opposite side with an embellished bobby pin. Skip your everyday pack of generic pins, and try this flowered bobby pin from Forever 21.  

This Fashionista recently chopped off her hair into the lob style and donated the 13 inches to Locks of Love as a way to start fresh with her spring semester after studying in London during the fall. So far the hairstyle has proved to be low maintenance; all she does is blow dry it without using any product. For those who do not have naturally shiny or straight hair like this Fashionista, try the Straight Blow Dry balm by Bumble and Bumble. Allow this Fashionista to inspire you to take the plunge (and a pair of scissors), and get the lob this semester. Check out this interactive from Allure about the hottest celebrity lobs at the moment. 


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