Every girl with bangs knows they can truly be a pain in the butt and if we have learned anything through College Fashionista’s All About Beauty column it is that braids save lives.  Especially the lives of college Fashionistas struggling to finish finals, deliver their Christmas gifts on time, and get a head start on their 2012 New Year’s resolutions.

When I spotted this Fashionista on the last day of finals week she was lunching with a friend at a diner on campus.  With finals winding down and Christmas right around the corner I too was meeting friends for a bite to eat with my un-tended-to hair pulled up into a wool newsboy cap and was happy to see another seemingly busy college Fashionista masking her fly-away bangs with a fun braid pulled back into her low bun.

When winter rolls around and the weather turns unbearably cold it is nerve-racking enough scouring campus to find Fashionistas when school work (not fashion and beauty) is the only thing on everyone’s’ mind.

Like many Fashionistas I approach, this one blushed and swore to me I caught her on a bad hair day.  I quickly told her to look around at the tired students in sweatpants and stocking caps surrounding us on campus and let her know how much I appreciated her for trying when nearly everyone else had given up days ago.

One thing I have learned while interning for College Fashionista is that being a Fashionista and a college student isn’t always as easy and glamorous as it sounds.  When you are struggling to balance school work and your social life all while managing to stay fashionable, hair and makeup is easy for a Fashionista to overlook.

But it is Fashionistas like these along with a few bobby pins (otherwise known as a Fashionista’s best friend) and the saving grace of a simple braid that keep us from walking out the door with total bed-head.

And in this New Year – which is likely full of bad hair days and fashion don’ts – every Fashionista can stop to appreciate that.


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