It’s always fun to think about going to the beach in the summer time, but the reality is we are more often trapped in heavy traffic covered with our own sweats. This Fashionisto has a fresh and chic style that shines through with his attention to detail, managing to not blur into the chaos of the city. What can you do with just a simple T-shirt and shorts? The color matters. Unlike women’s wear which offers a spectrum of bright hues and bedazzles people with 30 different kinds of pink or blue to choose from, men’s wear tends to be more toned down and dedicated to smaller details. Mint is my new favorite color for all the Fashionistos. A splash of mint on the shoe or collar can light up the whole outfit. It goes the same for girls, mint is the new pink, we love it and obviously have more choices including this mint Dior Saint-Tropez nail polish or this affordable and walkable DVF mint wedge

Aside from his awesome mint T-shirt which caught my eye in the crowd, this Fashionito knows how to beat the heat with style. With just a touch of mousse, he got all the hair out of the way. It’s important not to get the wrong mousse for your hair type — this might make your hair greasy instead of chic. A Fashionista shared with me that some “magical” Asian hair gel grants her all the rights to brag about her hair.

Accessorizing is important also, but when you are going for a simple and chic style, you don’t have to round up your neck with too many chains. Sometimes a good old vintage bag and the right sunglasses will do you justice. For Fashionistos on a budget, dig up your closet: true inspiration always lies in simplicity.

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