Sometimes when it comes to beauty, less is more. We've talked about how summer is the perfect time to take on a simpler makeup routine to avoid clogged pores or streaky concealer on hot days on campus or at a summer internship. However, this isn’t the only positive part of a simplified makeup routine. It wasn’t until I came across this Fashionista on a humid day that I realized simple hair and makeup sometimes complements an outfit more than a fancy 'do and face.

While this Fashionista wasn’t sporting an elaborate hair style or eye-catching makeup, it was ironically her simple beauty choices that caught my attention and eventually allowed me to focus on her fabulous outfit. 

As soon as I stopped this Fashionista, we both went straight into complaining about the gloomy yet humid weather.  She mentioned the humidity didn’t make it easy for her to wake up and do anything interesting with her hair. The solution? She wears her hair in its natural state. This is always a good way to go when there is a lot of moisture in the air. While an easier option might be to been to throw her hair up into a top knot or pony, this Fashionista chose to face the humidity and keep her look all natural. This look perfectly complemented her chic outfit, and the way she used her aviators to hold her hair back added a casual feel to her entire outfit.

Her makeup was just as natural as her hair, with an easy face routine complemented by a touch of slightly wing-tipped eyeliner and a quick layer of mascara for a simple Audrey Hepburn-esque look.

Next time you look out the window on a rainy day, don’t run and hide in your bed; face the weather head-on by embracing your natural look. While intricate hair and makeup is always fun, this Fashionista is the perfect example of how less is definitely more.

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