I think it is safe to say that the ponytail is often seen as a lazy ‘do meant for the gym and masking bedhead. But, much like the braid, the ponytail has evolved overtime. In the last decade, after getting rid of scrunchies and the oh-so-high-school “messy bun” — the ponytail has transformed into a high fashion trend mimicked by Fashionistas and bedhead victims alike.

We have seen the high ponytail come in and out of vogue throughout history and worn by celebrities and movie stars such as Brigitte Bardot in the '50s, flower child Goldie Hawn in the '70s and Jennifer Lopez in the '90s. Fashionistas have worn the look every way from sleek and tight to loose and messy.

My first memory of the high ponytail was on my tenth birthday at a Britney Spears concert. I remember the pop star’s long tresses were pulled tight onto the top of her head and secured with a pink fur holder that allowed her to whip her hair around as she danced to “Oops! I Did It Again.” At the time I had short hair and bangs to cover up the awkwardly large forehead I had (and still have) yet to grow into, so I wasn’t able to rush home and mimic the look. But boy did I dream about it.

While Britney and J-Lo may have flawless hairlines and celebrity hair stylists to perfect their sky-high ponies, not all of us Fashionistas are fortunate enough to pull it off.  But that’s the good thing about a classic ponytail — the options are endless.

I was instantly brought back to the '90s when I saw this Fashionista’s loose high pony bopping its way to class. But unlike Britney, this Fashionista opted for a less dramatic look by pulling her bangs out of her updo and allowing her pony to fall naturally.  With a soft white sweater and a sweet smile, this Fashionista's look reminded me of the simple femininity of a classic pony. And while short-haired Fashionistas like me might feel left out from this trend, have no fear, we live in a day where famous Fashionistas have developed overnight hair growth technology. Okay, so maybe that’s pushing it a bit, but hair extensions will work nonetheless. Fashionistas everywhere are thanking you, Jessica Simpson.

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