It;s about that time of year when Fashionistas like myself are getting sick of the thick sweaters and dark nail polishes we couldn’t wait to pull out in early September and begin to crave the bright colors that come back into trend as spring approaches. There is something about coming out of winter hibernation and anticipating our soon-to-come Spring Break trips that make all of us Fashionistas want to run to the nearest Forever 21 to buy the first bright jean or floral print frock we lay our eyes on.

But if you live where the weather patterns are as unpredictable as they are here in Iowa, you know this warm spell is just a fluke, and while you would love to pull out that bright blue cropped top you just bought, you know there is at least one more snowstorm on it’s way (sigh).

Regardless of whether or not that famous groundhog saw his shadow, there is no denying that spring fever has fully kicked in. But if you are still a little hesitant to pull out the bright colors and prints, how about adding a little color to you hair? While many Fashionsitas (like myself) are scared to add any artificial color to their hair at all, other — much braver — Fashionistas like this one have been experimenting with color by adding small touches of bright hues to their tresses. Sounds fun, right?

Famous Fashionistas like Dianna Agron and Kate Bosworth have been spotted rocking full out ombré 'dos in bright shades of blue and pink, but Fashionistas with commitment issues have no fear; you don’t have to go all Katy Perry and dye your whole head smurf blue. Take a cue from this Fashionista and celebs like Lauren Conrad and Selena Gomez, who added smaller doses of color at the bottom of their tresses for a more subdued look. While it was this Fashionista’s sky-high topknot that caught my attention, it wasn’t long until I was swooning over the fun blue streak that added some quirky personality to her overall look.

This Fashionista’s blue streak was dyed permanently, but there are alternative ways of adding a pop of color to your hair without taking the plunge into ammonia. Selena Gomez opted for colorful extensions and Fashionistas across the blogosphere have been experimenting with everything from chalk to feathers in an attempt to add a little color.

However you decide to do it, adding a pop of color to your hair can not only cure spring fever but also cause you to turn heads on campus which — let’s admit — can be one of the most rewarding parts of being a Fashionista!

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