ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Sprintime Stripes

Breaking into the spring season with a fun pattern like stripes could be the perfect way to break up a boring outfit. If wearing bright hues isn't really your cup of tea, keeping your color scheme neutral and adding a pattern is a great way to spruce up your look without making it too loud. This Fashionista's earthy feel is what caught my attention. With the warm weather and trees blooming, her natural makeup palette and subtle hues work really well together complementing everything from head to toe. The cream and black stripe create a great contrast against her skintone. The brown sandals tie in her brown hair color and warmth of her skin tone.

Embracing your natural hair color this season is the perfect step in preparing your hair for the summer. Although most of us like to lighten our hair, keeping our hair dye free in the spring can brace our hair for the natural highlights the summer sun has in store for us. There's nothing better than shiny, healthy hair. A way to make your hair appear ultra healthy is to go to a local salon and get a clear toner put on it. Most don't know that toners come in clear, instead of using a toner to tone down highlights or darken your hair ask for a clear semi-gloss. This coats your hairs cuticle leaving it silky and shiny — a perfect match for the weather.

To match a natural hair color, keep your makeup neutral during the day with a warm bronzer and light mascara. This will give you an overall earthy look that matches the season perfectly. Mineralize Skinfinish in Gold Deposit by MAC gives the skin a little bit extra adding some gold shimmer to the cheeks. Adding a bit of warmth to your skin goes a long way giving a natural glow that lasts all day.

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