ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Step Outside Your Beauty Box

When it comes to hairdos like braids and buns, us short-haired girls are often left out of all the fun and games, and I am just not okay with that! But I must say, as a short-haired Fashionista, I often concentrate all my efforts into creating the perfect outfit and ignore my hair, styling it the same old way day after day.

But while some Fashionistas (like me) are suffering from a case of hair laziness, other Fashionistas are stepping up to the plate. When I saw this Fashionista, I was instantly envious of her ability to pull off a quirky up-do despite the short length of her hair. I have seen this particular Fashionista multiple times on campus and have always been drawn to her artistic style (she's a painter). I remember noticing that she always had her bangs pulled back into the cutest little twist secured with a bobby pin, probably to keep her hair out of her face while painting. However, I was delighted to see the twist evolve into a complete updo. When I saw this, I ran after her like the beauty-obsessed maniac that I am.

This Fashionista beautifully utilized a few different types of bobby pins to create a whimsical updo that twisted down the side of her head and secured into a bun in the back.  While I was definitely obsessed with her hair, I was also disappointed in myself for not stepping up to the plate and experimenting with my own hair more! I mean, here I am, an ALL ABOUT BEAUTY Style Guru for CollegeFashionista, and I have yet to step outside of my own beauty box. In the past I experimented with a hair wrap a few times as well as the top knot when I had long hair, but I lost my creativity when I chopped my hair into a bob.

So, if this Fashionista and her 'do taught you anything today, it would be to step outside of your beauty box and try experimenting with your tresses every once in a while. If this busy art student has the time to do it, so do you. Come on, you know it sounds fun!

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