ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Styles For Every Shape

It’s time to refresh your style for a summer of fun prints and color. Let’s start with your hairstyle. Sleek ponytails reigned the runways from Paris to New York. It is probably the easiest way to make you look like a chic Jil Sander or Ralph Lauren girl, but for a radical mood-changer, we can have more fun with the tresses other than just follow the timeless tradition.

Look at this Fashionista here, the structured style of her hair complements her profile and leaves space for accessories without looking stuffy. The standing middle balances the short jaw and makes a great length. The short sides slim down the overall style. The most important thing when choose the perfect hairstyle is to know your face shape. This Fashionista has an oval face shape that goes well with almost all hairstyles, so the only thing she needs to worry about is which part of her face to accentuate and get creative. With the just right sunglasses and big hoop earrings, she instantly makes her profile stronger and emphasizes the cheekbones.

There is a perfect hairstyle for every face shape. For round facers like Emma Stone, side-swept bangs and hard-line layers are your best friends. A pixie is also flattering. Soft-line hairstyles such as a thinned-out bob like Keira Natalie’s or a shag like Rachel McAdams’ work best for square faces as they soften the jawlines. A heart-shaped face like J-Lo or Reese Witherspoon will find chin-length style most complementing and a side-swept bang also helps bring the eyes out for this face shape. Straight bang across brows is a no-no for round faces and heart faces as it makes your face looks rounder and shorter.

Always keep in mind that your hairstyle is meant to minimize your non-pleasing attributes and enhances the positive ones. Cheekbones, eyes, and chins, pick your friends and foes, make them work the best for you!


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