As I have mentioned before, I love playing up my eyes. I don't care how rushed I am, I will make sure my eyes are properly lined all around. One of my mantras seems to be, the more mascara, the better. However, this Fashionista had me questioning my ways of extreme eye makeup.

This Fashionista shows us how a little makeup can go a long way. Her strong brows act as a great frame for her eyes. If you are blessed with thick brows (you lucky girl, you), get a routine wax and you are set to go with your dazzling eyebrows. If you are like me and have thin, barely there brows, try using a powder to bolster your arches and set with a gel. This Fashionista opted to only line her top eyelid. The lack of a heavy charcoal weighing her lower lid down opens her eyes up. The pop of color on her lips is the perfect touch. While it adds a some pizzazz, the color is sheer, lightweight and perfect for creating a bit of daytime drama.

Thanks to this Fashionista for teaching me a lesson. Sometimes less really is more.

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