ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Summer Stubble

Confession time: I love guys with a little facial hair. There is nothing cooler to me than a Fashionisto sporting a little stubble that is well groomed. It's very model off duty in my eyes.

As a lady, I don't have much experience with beard maintance. However, after some extensive research, here's what I can report. First of all, who knew there were so many different types of beards? This Fashionisto's look is known as the short boxed beard, as it is carefully scultped and groomed to a close crop and defined borders. Lucky for you Fashionistos, this look compliments all face shapes- round, oval, square- because it relies on your face's natural shape. To get the look, with a razor, shave stray wiskers from the less dense areas of your face, like the apples of your cheeks. Next, using the natural beard growth as a guide, create a sloping broder from your sideburn to the mustache. To create a lower border, goes one to two inches below your jawbone and remove any hair below that line with a razor. Use a beard trimmer two to three times a week to maintain the borders and length. From what I hear, this style is rather low maintance and upkeep is rather simple. 

For summer, avoid gettng overheated and keep your beard shorter, like this Fashionisto. Come fall and winter, let it go a little longer for a more distinct look. 



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