I can go on and on about how much I love warm weather. It brings out my natural highlights, freckles, and it's all around just more enjoyable than the blistering cold of winter. But there is one thing I do have to admit I love about winter: no humidity! With summer heat, no matter proactive measures I take, my hair goes from straight to frizz in no time flat. 

But the crisp, cool air of winter seems to be the perfect times to rock super sleek straight locks, like these Fashionistas. Long sleek strands is very 1960s Cher glam (aka the epitome of chic). Plus when humidity isn't combating your style, creating the look is relatively easy- which is perfect for the life of a busy college student. Begin by prepping your hair with a smoothing styling product, such as my obsession by Living Proof. Then split your hair in 3-4 even sections and blow dry your hair straight. Boar hair brushes tend to be the best for styling your hair straight. The go-to brush of beauty enthusiasts everywhere seems to be the Mason Pearson brush. And while I can attest that it is indeed the investment, a $100+ hairbrush is not always practical on the college budget. The Hana K Boar Bristle brush is a great alternative that I can personally attest results in gorgeous sleek locks. Finish your mane with a flat iron if necessary and voilà- a super sleek, 1960s hairstyle.

Hint: Want to take your locks from day to night? Super sleek straight hair is a great transitional style. Try adding a cat eye and bold lip and your class ready locks is quickly transformed to a perfect evening look.

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