ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Superhero Powers

As a kid, my siblings and I had matching sets of superhero pajamas with Velcro capes. Wonderwomen. Batwomen. Many weekends were spent pretending I was a superhero as I watched my favorite Saturday morning cartoons.

While many years have past since those days, my fascination with superheroes has not waivered. So when I spotted this Fashionista, between her hair and makeup, I felt I had come across a real life superhero. Her lilac hair is a difficult look to pull off (which may take super-strength confidence). If you have nerves of steel, imitate the look start with a white base. This may require you to bleach your hair. Next take a white conditioner (enough to cover all your hair) and add in a splash of lilac hair dye. Mix the two together until you achieve the purple color you like. Saturate your hair and leave on the conditioner-dye mix for an hour. Rinse with warm water and viola—gorgeous lavender locks!

Don’t have the superhero powers to pull off this look on a day-to-day basis? Opt for temporary clip-in lavender extensions for a good way to switch up your daily look.

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