Today’s Fashionista is springy, casual and chic. Wearing a short cream-colored coat, dark purple button-down, rolled-up pink skinnies and an undone pair of red converse, she exudes effortless style. Colored pants are in this season; everything from bold hues and neon brights to pretty pastels; so this Fashionista’s hot pink pair is right on trend. She makes the Valentine’s Day themed palette work by keeping the outfit a little sporty. Then she cuts the sweetness of the color combo with a great black leather bag — a wardrobe staple for the urban Fashionista.

Beauty-wise, this Fashionista keeps things minimal. Sans make-up, she saves all the punch and color for her outfit. As for her hair, she opts to leave her long wavy tresses loose and free. The beach-y look, (besides making me want to be on the beach) reminds me that summer is just around the corner.

To get beach-y hair, try using Bumble and bumble surf spray right after you shower and then let your hair air-dry. If your hair isn’t naturally wavy, make loose French braids and be careful when you secure them. Don’t tie them too tight or else there will be an annoying kink at the end of your tresses when you undo the braids. 

You can also use a curling iron to add beach-y waviness to your hair. Try wrapping your sections of hair around the iron with your hand versus using the iron to twist up your hair. The latter technique is good for when you want bouncy curls, not natural-looking waves. By manually wrapping the hair around the iron, you have much more control over the curling process.

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