While I always love a good runway trend, I also enjoy looking at the red carpet to see what celebrity trendsetters are wearing at their big premieres or award shows. Lately, it seems like everyone from Anne Hathaway to Taylor Swift are sporting super sultry side swept hair (say that five times fast). This look is equal parts sexy and glamourous and a hundred percent perfect. The only problem- how often do I find myself at a red carpet worthy event?

When I came across this Fashionista, I wanted to thank her for showing me that side swept hair isn't limited to fancy affairs. As a long hair lady myself, I find myself wearing my hair stick straight or wavy all too often. Styling your tresses over one shoulder totally changes your look in an instant with minimal prep.  Simply use a volumizing spray and blow dry your strands in the direction you wish to wear your hair. To secure your locks, spritz your strands with hairspray and secure with a fun bobby pin or comb. It's an easy way to add a lot of drama and interest to your everyday look. Plus, as this Fashionista illustrates, by keeping your strands straight, this simple hairstyle can be worn during the day to class without looking like you're heading to the Oscars.

Whether you are heading to the library for last minute finals prep or a holiday party with your besties, don't be afraid to be a star in your own right and let your hair get swept away.

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