With winter months rolling in, our fashion sense begins to hone in on the finer details of style that set us apart upon the diverse campus runway. One may be wondering how they can amp-up their winter-wonderland fashion. The answer, fellow Fashionitas, is simple. Garbing up in the winter layering trend would not be complete without a proper decked-out hairdo to add the last bit of decadence to any look.

Maintaining hair is important in the winter, and minimalism is key. This Fashionista has embraced minimalism while also sporting a throw-back hair trend revived from its original decade: the '90s hair wrap. For those unfamiliar, the hair wrap is easily attainable. A hair wrap is created by wrapping colorful string around a small segment of hair, locking the hair inside with a series of knots and sealing off the end with a bead.

Runway looks have emphasized simplistic hairstyles this winter, which can make a less-is-more impact upon personal style. The classic braid, extremely popular year round, has evolved into multiple variations, providing any Fashionista with a temporary hair accessory. Yet, as we fight the lazy blues that come with the cold weather, we search to find the perfect hairstyle for our weathered quaffs.

As we say goodbye to 2011 weather, we also say so long to the hair feather trend that so epically ran its course. Hair wraps are a great way to ensure your hair is clad with color, and is suitable for any hair cut.  Whether you prefer to lock up your locks in an updo, or decide to wear your waves down, your look can gain instant edge with a little creativity. This Fashionista is leading the way with hair’s ultimate accessory, the hair wrap.



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When on my weekly scavenger hunt for Fashionistas on the University of Iowa campus, I tend to head to the same places to seek out the most stylish Iowa Citians. I usually begin by heading to the downtown area, which is right next to the center of campus and always swarming with college students running errands. I try to put myself in the shoes of a Fashionista and it's no surprise those shoes often lead me to the local clothing boutiques and vintage stores scattered across town. I know this sounds fun, but it is often dangerous for a girl like me, who finds it impossible to step foot in a clothing store without purchasing something. And if I don't already look creepy enough wandering around town staring at EVERYONE that passes by, in an attempt to avoid buying something in a boutique, I have gotten into the habit of simply peering through store windows in search of the hidden treasures (Fashionistas/os) inside. 

In fact, I spotted this very Fashionista through the window of one of my favorite local boutiques, Revival, which sells adorable new and vintage clothing. What I loved so much about this Fashionista was that from the neck down her outfit was classic and simple with a white t-shirt, red jacket, jeans and nude flats.  However, the bottom of her ensemble was totally counteracted by the eye-catching look she had going on top. Some Fashionistas are intimidated by the headscarf or turban (however you want to refer to it) trend, but this Fashionista took on the daring look and definitely nailed it! Wrapped around her head was a bright yellow scarf that she had twisted to create a beautiful, flower-like knot that secured it in the front. To top this hairstyle off, this Fashionista added a pair of intricate leather-esque earrings that matched the scarf and perfectly complemented her skin tone.

What I love about the head wrap trend is that it can be done by anyone, no matter the length of their hair or head shape.  The look is the perfect way to mask dirty hair and a case of bed head and a great way to grab people's attention as you confidently walk around campus. This Fashionista was flattered to have me take her photo and admitted that this was her first time trying out the trend on her locks. I assured her the look was amazing and rushed home to dig into my scarf collection and mimic the oh-so-chic look.

Expert tip from Cassie: Wearing a headscarf allows you to accessorize without having to even try! Camouflage  a bad hair day with an amazing scarf. Go to your local vintage shops and browse through them to find their hidden treasures. Watch this YouTube tutorial to wrap your very own headscarf.

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