Truth time: I had to watch like 500 YouTube videos before I learned how to execute a good beach wave. And even then, it was often hit or miss how my hair came out.

However, my world was turned upside down after I met Sarah Potempa at the Polyvore Live Blogger Fashion Show. Besides being one of the most genuine, talented and nicest people I have ever met, she introduced me to her amazing, amazing (did I say amazing?) styling tool: BEACHWAVER. It is not your ordinary curling iron. It is like instant, perfect beach waves for girls on the go who can't handle the professional tools. You simply clip your hair at the end, press a button depending on which side of your head you are curling, and it spins, doing all the work for you. And tah dah- truly red carpet worthy hair.  

I teamed up with Sarah Potempa to showcase her BEACHWAVER tool with EasiHair extensions.

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Here are 5 simples steps to the perfect beach wave using the BEACHWAVER

Step 1: Select temperature on your BEACHWAVER and Left (L) or Right (R) side. 

Step 2: Hold iron with the clamp facing you to secure ends and ensure iron rotates away from your face.

Step 3: Press GO button and left the BEACHWAVER move it's magic.

Step 4: Slowly release for the perfect beach wave.

Step 5: Switch sides, clamp, press go and release.


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